Lauren Zych

A letter from Recruitment

Hello everyone!! My name is Lauren Zych, and I am proud to serve as Alpha Chi Omega’s Vice President of Recruitment! I’m counting down the days and looking forward to meeting every one of you. Our home is filled with women who consistently uplift each other, care about one another, and empower each other every day and I can’t wait for you to get the opportunity to meet the real, strong women of Alpha Chi. I can speak on everyone’s behalf that we are so excited for you to see those connections amongst our members!


The past two years of being an Alpha Chi Omega has shaped me into a confident woman, a respected leader, and most importantly, a sister to girls I could never forget. Xi Chapter provides me with life-long friendships, volunteer opportunities, and chances to excel in my academics. We’ve collectively conquered an unimaginable amount of uncertainties within the past year and a half, but I am so privileged to say that I have had the women of AXO by my side to support me.


Recruitment is undoubtedly a long and tiring process. You’ll meet an abundance of great women in different chapters on campus, but as Alpha Chi’s VP of Recruitment, I hope to make your experience as easy and rewarding as possible for you. I remember the anxiety and overwhelming amount of emotions I felt going through formal recruitment. I hope the phrase “trust the process” will ease some of the stress you might be feeling. Let this be an opportunity for you to focus on your true self and your future goals. By the end of the week, you will have found your home and where you are meant to be. As we open our doors to you, we will show you what it means to be an Alpha Chi Omega and why we choose to call this place our home away from home.


I cannot wait for all of you to be able to step through our doors at 716 N. 16th Street and experience the sisterhood of Alpha Chi Omega, as I once did. I will forever cherish the feeling of being inside AXO for the first several times during recruitment week. Remember to stay positive throughout this whole experience, show your true colors, and find what you are looking for in a sorority. If you take anything from this letter, I personally want to remind you that going Greek at UNL has so much to offer, and I would highly recommend it. Alpha Chi Omega has opened so many doors and friendships to our members, and we can not wait to bring the next class of Alpha Chi’s into our house to see what they accomplish.

All my best,


Lauren Zych


Hi everyone! My name is Madison Mueller and I am the VP New Member Educator for Alpha Chi Omega-Xi Chapter. The New Member Educator facilitates weekly meetings to share the history of Alpha Chi Omega and creates experiences that help to develop our new members into real, strong women. The New Member Educator also creates sisterhood-enhancing activities to create a strong bond between all new members.

I know first-hand how intimidating it can be to be a new member. I ran for this position, because I wanted to make all new members feel like they have a home away from home and a true sisterhood. 



Big Little Week - Find your AXO family by connecting with upperclassmen

Guardian Angel Program - Meet upperclassmen with your major and get academic success tips!

Pearl Sis Mentor - Meet upperclassmen to help you dive into the sisterhood!

All-House Takeover - Bond with your pledge class for a night you will never forget!



A legacy to Alpha Chi Omega is a sister, daughter, granddaughter or great-granddaughter of a lifetime member. The Alpha Chi Omega member and her family member define their legacy relationship, i.e. step relations, blended families, etc. These women are called “legacies,” as potential members whose relative is also a member of our organization. Beginning of Fall 2021, chapters will no longer provide preferential treatment or bidding to legacies. 


When under campus total, Alpha Chi Omega participates in continuous open bidding during the fall and spring semesters. Applicants are able to attend casual Alpha Chi functions such as movie nights or ice cream socials to give them an opportunity to meet members of our chapter. If the members and the applicant both think Alpha Chi Omega would be the perfect fit for them, a bid will be extended to the applicant.

You may fill out an application through the UNL Panhellenic office. 

Sisterhood Round